Helium Pin Point Test

  1. The technician will ensure the vehicle is safely positioned and is OFF before exiting the vehicle.
  2. The technician will identify himself to the contact person at the site and obtain a safe-work permit.
  3. A tail-gate meeting will be held with all concerned parties to explain the test procedure and gain specific site information.
  4. This system relies on the introduction of an inert contaminant that is easy to detect.
  5. Helium is introduced into the system and then an electronic gas detector or “sniffer” is used to find or pinpoint the source of the helium.
  6. This type of test requires adequate seals to the system to ensure the helium leaves through breaches in the system.
  7. At the conclusion of the test, the technician will remove all test equipment and return the safe work permit to the originator or their designate.
  8. The vessel may then be returned to normal service or remedial action taken.
  9. A written report will be provided.

Reviewed Oct 31/16