Precision Line Testing

We offer our clients two ways to test their product transfer lines.

The first is a pressure test using nitrogen as the test medium and the line is tested as per the national fire code requirements.

The seconds utilizes the Acurite line test apparatus.

This system is designed for the Hydro-Static precision testing of any liquid filled line, with a maximum test pressure of 150 PSI.

The Acurite line test apparatus can be used to verify the integrity of various types of piping, ranging from steel to the latest double-walled product transfer lines.

Acurite Line Testing

  1. Upon arrival, at the test site, the technician will identify himself to the person in charge of the location to be tested, or their designate.
  2. If the system is a pressure system, he will isolate the electrical supply to the pump by locking out the breaker as per applicable lock out/tag out procedures.
  3. The Technician will establish the line to be tested and isolate it from the dispenser using our line test isolating system.
  4. The Technician will then proceed to set up the rest of the equipment and begin testing the line by adding liquid to the test apparatus until the line and test apparatus is full.
  5. The Technician will add pressure (Nitrogen) to the system until the liquid has reached a stable point.
  6. During the Thirty-minute test period, the Technician will check the level of the test cylinder to ensure that the line is not leaking.
  7. If after the 30 minutes no leakage is detected, the Technician will move on to the next product line until all are complete. If a leak is detected, the Technician will re-test that line to confirm the result.
  8. When the line has been tested and is tight, the Technician will remove the isolation device, the electrical supply lock, remove his equipment and depart the site.
  9. If the line is confirmed as leaking, the isolation device and electrical lock on the pump will be left in place. He will notify his superior who will notify the appropriate person for further direction.